Maximizing Zucchini Harvests in Square Foot Gardens

Zucchini growing in square foot garden in early summer.

Square foot gardening is a highly efficient method of growing crops in small, densely planted areas. Zucchini, with its tendency to sprawl, might seem like an unlikely candidate for such a compact system. However, with the correct techniques, growing zucchini in a square foot garden is not only possible but also a smart way to …

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Square Foot Gardening: Maximizing Your Yield in Minimal Space

Various herbs growing in a square foot garden grid.

Square foot gardening is an innovative approach to maximizing yields from small garden spaces by dividing the growing area into individual square foot sections, allowing for a clear and manageable planting grid. The square-foot gardening system is known for streamlining garden planning, eliminating the traditional rows of single-species crops, and promoting a diverse, high-density planting …

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