Videos and Documentaries

MUST SEE Videos & Documentaries
Documentaries on food and gardening

Everyone should see these videos.
  1. Back to Eden (Watch.)
  2. Farmageddon (RentPurchase.)
  3. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (RentPurchase.)
  4. Food Inc. (Preview. WatchRentPurchase.)
  5. Food Mythbusters: Do We Need Industrial Agriculture to Feed the World? (Watch.) [SHORT]
  6. Forks over Knives (RentPurchase.)
  7. Fresh, The Movie (PreviewRentPurchase.)
  8. Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives (Purchase.)
  9. Green Gold (Watch.)
  10. McLibel (PreviewPurchase.)
  11. The World According to Monsanto (WatchPurchase.)

Seeds of Deception (Their website. See their other video links in this list [The Dangers in Kids’ Meals, You’re Eating What?, A Silent Forest, Your Milk on Drugs, The Corporation, The Future of Food, Scientists Under Attack)

Alphabetical By Category

Alan Titchmarsh

Alan Titschmarsh

  1. (It’s available for purchase on the UK amazon website, but not the U.S. one.)
    1. Episode 1: Three Billion Years in the Making (Watch.)
    2. Episode 2: Dinosaurs, Deserts, and Volcanoes (Watch.)
    3. Episode 3: Ice Age (Watch.)
    4. Episode 4: Taming the Wild
    5. Episode 5: Islands Apart
    6. Episode 6: Our Future
    7. Episode 7: Modern Times
    8. Episode 8: Revolution

(We haven’t found a place to watch or purchase all of these online. Does anyone else have a source? Please let us know if you do!)

  1. 17th Century (Watch.)**
  2. 18th Century
  3. 19th Century (Watch.)
  4. 20th Century (Watch.)
  5. Biddulph Grange
  6. Hatfield House
  7. Sissinghurst Gardens
  8. Stowe (Watch.)

  1. How To Be A Gardener, Season 1
    1. Episode 1: Know Your Plot (Watch.)
    2. Episode 2: Understand Plants (Watch.)
    3. Episode 3: Planting Schemes and Themes (Watch.)
    4. Episode 4: Practical Planting (Watch.)
    5. Episode 5: Caring for Your Garden (Watch.)
    6. Episode 6: Problem Solving (Watch.)
    7. Episode 7: The Productive Garden (Watch.)
    8. Episode 8: The Gardening Year (Watch.)
  2. How To Be A Gardener, Season 2
    1. Episode 1: The Basics (Watch.)
    2. Episode 2: Blank Canvas Garden (Watch.)
    3. Episode 3: Cottage Garden (Watch.)
    4. Episode 4: Water Garden (Watch.)
    5. Episode 5: No Space Garden (Watch.)
    6. Episode 6: Hot Spot Garden (Watch.)
    7. Episode 7: No Time Garden (Watch.)
    8. Episode 8: Natural Garden (Watch.)

  1. Episode 1: Traditional British Garden (Watch.)
  2. Episode 2: Country Garden (Watch.)
  3. Episode 3: Formal Garden (Watch.)
  4. Episode 4: City Garden (Watch.)
  5. Episode 5: Fantasy Garden (Watch.)
  6. Episode 6: Flower Garden (Watch.)
  7. Episode 7: Entertaining Garden (Watch.)
  8. Episode 8: Exotic Garden (Watch.)

  1. Garden Secrets (with Alan Titchmarsh) (Watch.)
  2. Gardens of the National Trust (with Alan Titchmarsh) (Purchase. There are 3 series, but this DVD pack only has 2 DVD’s, and I’m not even sure if it contains one, two, or all three series.)
  3. Nature of Britain (Available for purchase on the UK amazon website but not on the U.S. one.)
  4. Secret Gardens of England (Purchase.)
  5. The Best of Ground Force: Garden Rescues (Purchase.)
  6. The Eden Project (Watch? Available for purchase on the UK amazon site but not the U.S. one.)
  7. Treasure Gardens (with Alan Titchmarsh) (Purchase.)

(Available for purchase from the UK amazon store but not the U.S. one.)

  1. Autumn
  2. Winter
  3. Spring
  4. Summer

Animal Farming & Meat Consumption
Animal Farming

  1. A Cow at My Table (Watch.)
  2. Contented Cows: 6 Vintage Dairy Industry Videos (Purchase.)
  3. Modern Meat (WatchPurchase.)

  1. Global Warming: Meat the Truth (Watch. Purchase Here or Here.)
  2. The Omnivore’s Dilemma (Lecture by Michael Pollan) (Watch.) (See also “Solution to the Omnivore’s Dilemma”, above, for the video.)

David Attenborough
David Attenborough

  1. Season 1
    1. Episode 1 (Watch.)
    2. Episode 2 (Watch.)
    3. Episode 3 (Watch.)

(Has a lot of evolution theory stuff in it…)

  1. Episode 12: Arrival (Watch.)
  2. Episode 22: Conquest (Watch.)
  3. Another episode? (Watch.)

  1. Episode 1: Infinite Variety (Watch.)
  2. Episode 2: Building Bodies (Watch.)
  3. Episode 3: The First Forests (Watch.)
  4. Episode 4: The Swarming Hordes (Watch.)

  1. Attenboroughs Ark (Watch.)
  2. Death of the Oceans? (Watch.)
  3. Galapagos, Part 1 (Watch.)
  4. Great Natural Wonders of the World (Watch.)
  5. Kingdom of Plants (with David Attenborough) (Watch.)
  6. Life (with David Attenborough) (10 episodes) (Purchase.)
  7. Madagascar: Lost Worlds (Watch.)
  8. The Death of the Oceans (with David Attenborough) (Watch.)

(Purchase.) (Only a handful of them were on YouTube or other places.)

  1. From Pole to Pole (Watch.)
  2. Mountains (Watch.)
  3. Fresh Water (Watch.)
  4. Caves
  5. Deserts
  6. Ice Worlds
  7. Great Plains (Watch.)
  8. Jungles
  9. Shallow Seas
  10. Seasonal Forests
  11. Deep Ocean

  1. The Building of the Earth (Watch.)
  2. The Frozen World (Watch.)
  3. The Northern Forests (Watch.)
  4. Jungle (Watch.)
  5. Seas of Grass (Watch.)
  6. The Baking Deserts (Watch.)
  7. The Sky Above (Watch.)
  8. Sweet Fresh Water (Watch.)
  9. The Margins of the Land (Watch.)
  10. Worlds Apart (Watch.)
  11. The Open Ocean (Watch.)
  12. New World (Watch.)

(Purchase (US). Purchase (UK).)

  1. Episode 1: Traveling
  2. Episode 2: Growing
  3. Episode 3: Flowering
  4. Episode 4: The Social Struggle
  5. Episode 5: Living Together
  6. Episode 6: Surviving

Environment & Weather
Environment, Resources, etc
(Natural Resources, Green Living, Effects of Pesticides & Other Chemicals, etc.)

  1. A Chemical Reaction (PreviewPurchase.) (About the use of fertilizers, pesticides, & other chemicals on lawns, and its effects on people, the environment, etc.)
  2. Silence of the Bees/Colony Collapse Disorder (Watch.)

  1. French Fries to Go (PreviewPurchase.)
  2. Fuel (Watch.)
  3. The Oiling of America (Watch.)
  4. The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (WatchPurchase.)
  5. Waste = Food (Watch.)

  1. The Greening of Southie (RentPurchase.)
  2. The Sustainable City (Watch.)

  1. Sustainable Development in Practice (Watch.)
  2. The Cove (PreviewRentPurchase.)
  3. The End of the Line (watch on ?) (PreviewRentPurchase.)

  1. A World Without Water (Watch.)
  2. Tapped (WatchRentPurchase.)

  1. Global Warming: Meat the Truth (Watch. Purchase Here or Here.)
  2. Global Weirding (Watch.) (This one was truly fascinating.)
  3. Planeat (PreviewRentPurchase.)

Farming & Agriculture
Farming - Sustainable vs Factory

  1. Garden Cyles: Faces from the New Farm (Purchase.)

  1. A Farm for the Future (Watch.)
  2. Family-Owned Pineapple Business Takes on Produce Giants (Watch.) [short]
  3. Food Fight (RentPurchase.)
  4. Food Inc. (PreviewWatch. Watch in SpanishRentPurchase.)
  5. Food Mythbusters: Do We Need Industrial Agriculture to Feed the World? (Watch.) [SHORT]
  6. Heart and Soil (Rent.)
  7. Our Daily Bread (Unser Täglich Brot) (WatchPurchase.)
  8. Sustainable Agriculture (Watch.)
  9. Sustainable Table: What’s on your Plate (Purchase.)
  10. Symphony of the Soil (Special Benefit DVD). (Watch.
    Purchase.) Includes:

    1. Soil in Good Heart
    2. Walking and Talking with Vandana Shiva
    3. A Talk by Satish Kumar: Soil, Soul, and Society
  11. The Farmer’s Wife (Watch.) (Consider before watching this one. It says it contains graphic language. We have not seen it yet. If you have, let us know what you think of its appropriateness.)
  12. The Greenhorns (PreviewPurchase. [choose the public library option])
  13. The Real Dirt on Farmer John (PreviewRentPurchase.)
  14. The Slow Poisoning of India (Watch.)
  15. To Market To Market To Buy a Fat Pig (Purchase.)
  16. Why in the World are They Spraying? (Watch.)
  17. We Feed the World (WatchPurchase.)
  18. What’s Organic about Organic (PreviewPurchase.)
  19. Your Milk On Drugs (Purchase.)

(I wish I knew where to purchase a copy of these. John borrowed them from one of his professors and we were able to see them that way. If anybody has a way for us to purchase them, please let us know!)

  1. Field Crops
  2. Rotational Grazing
  3. Vegetables (Preview.)
  4. IPM for Vegetables and Small Fruits (IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management)
  5. IPM for Apples
  6. High Value Marketing

  1. Edible City – Grow the Revolution (Watch.)
  2. From the Ground Up (coming in 2013 sometime?) (Their website.)
  3. Polycultures: Food Where We Live (Preview. [these are long previews… half an hour to an hour long.] Purchase.)
  4. The Garden (PreviewRentPurchase.)
  5. Urban Agriculture (by RUAF) (Watch.)
  6. Urban Roots (Watch.)

Food and the Food Industry

  1. Episode 1: India (Watch.)
  2. Episode 2: Senegal (Watch.)
  3. Episode 3: Cuba (Watch.)

  1. Making Sauerkraut (Watch.)
  2. Making the Connection (Watch.)
  3. Media that Matters: Good Food (Watch.)
  4. Mondovino (Purchase.) (About wine making and the wine industry, all over the world.)
  5. Polycultures: Food Where We Live (Preview. [these are long previews… half an hour to an hour long.] Purchase.)
  6. The Art of Fermentation (Watch.)
  7. Vegucated (RentPurchase.)
  8. What’s Organic about Organic (PreviewPurchase.)

  1. Nourish: Food + Community (RentPurchase.)
  2. Nourish: Short Films (Purchase.)
  3. Nourish Bundle (Above two together) (Purchase.)
  4. Nourish: Education for Sustainability (DVD Bundle includes “Nourish: Food + Community” and “Power Shift: Energy + Sustainability”) (Purchase.)

  1. Secrets of the Superbrands: Foods (Watch.)
  2. Secrets of the Superbrands: Technology (Watch.)

  1. Fast Food, Fat Profits (Watch.)
  2. Food Matters (PreviewPurchase.)
  3. Food Secrets (by infowars) (Watch.)
  4. Food that Kills (Watch.)
  5. King Corn (RentPurchase.)
  6. Solutions to the Omnivore’s Dilemma (Purchase.) (See also “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”, below, for a lecture by Michael Pollan.)
  7. Super Size Me (PreviewRentPurchase.)
  8. Taste the Waste (Watch.)
  9. The Ethics of What We Eat (Watch.)
  10. Today’s Modern Food: It’s Not What You Think
    1. Part 1 (Watch.)
    2. Part 2 (Watch.)
  11. Two Angry Moms (PreviewRentPurchase.)
  12. Waste = Food (Watch.)
  13. We Feed the World (WatchPurchase.)
  14. Wegman’s Cruelty (Watch.)
  15. Your Milk On Drugs (Purchase.)

  1. Episode 1: Liquid Gold (Bottled Water)
  2. Episode 2: The Age of Plenty (Cereals) (Watch.)
  3. Episode 3: Pots of Gold (Yogurt/Yoghurt) (Watch.

Gardening & Farming in the Past


  1. Episode 1 (Watch.)
  2. Episode 2 (Watch.)
  3. Episode 3 (Watch.)
  4. Episode 4 (Watch.)
  5. Episode 5 (Watch.)
  6. Episode 6 (Watch.)
  7. Episode 7 (Watch.)
  8. Episode 8 (Watch.)
  9. Episode 9 (Watch.)
  10. Episode 10 (Watch.)
  11. Episode 11 (Watch.)
  12. Episode 12 (Watch.)

(Purchase.) (We LOVED all the Harry Dodson and Ruth Mott videos!)

  1. Episode 1 (Watch.)**
  2. Episode 2 (Watch.)
  3. Episode 3 (Watch.)
  4. Episode 4 (Watch.)
  5. Episode 5 (Watch.)
  6. Episode 6 (Watch.)

(Available for purchase on the UK amazon site but not the U.S. one.)  (You can also purchase a combined DVD collection with The Victorian Kitchen Garden, The Victorian Flower Garden, and The Victorian Kitchen.)

  1. Episode 1: Introduction (Watch.)**
  2. Episode 2: January (Watch.)
  3. Episode 3: February (Watch.)
  4. Episode 4: March (Watch.)
  5. Episode 5: April (Watch.)
  6. Episode 6: May (Watch.)
  7. Episode 7: June (Watch.)
  8. Episode 8: July (Watch.)
  9. Episode 9: August (Watch.)
  10. Episode 10: September (Watch.)
  11. Episode 11: October (Watch.)
  12. Episode 12: November (Watch.)
  13. Episode 13: December (December.)

  1. Episode 1: Introduction (Watch.)
  2. Episode 2: Breakfast (Watch.)
  3. Episode 3: Luncheon (Watch.)
  4. Episode 4: Afternoon Tea (Watch.)
  5. Episode 5: Dinner (Watch.)
  6. Episode 6: Supper (Watch.)
  7. Episode 7: The Dinner Party (Watch.)
  8. Episode 8: Picnics (Watch.)

  1. Victorian Farm (Purchase the Whole Set.)
    1. Episode 1 (Watch.)
    2. Episode 2 (Watch.)
    3. Episode 3 (Watch.)
    4. Episode 4 (Watch.)
    5. Episode 5 (Watch.)
    6. Episode 6 (Watch.)
  2. Victorian Farm Christmas
    1. Episode 1 (Watch.)
    2. Episode 2 (Watch.)
    3. Episode 3 (Watch.)

  1. Episode 1 & 2 (Watch.)

Gardens, Architecture, & Countryside Around the World
Gardens(Great Britain has its own category… see below.)

  1. Gardens of the World (with Audrey Hepburn) (Purchase.)

  1. Satoyama: Japan’s Secret Watergarden (Watch.)

Gardens, Architecture, & Countryside in Great Britain
Gardens and Countryside in the UK

  1. At Home with the Georgians (PreviewPurchase.)
  2. Chartwell (Purchase.)
  3. Chartwell House and Gardens (Available for purchase form the UK amazon site but not the U.S. one.)
  4. Chatsworth: The Grandest Country House in All England (Purchase.)
  5. Sandringham House (Purchase.)
  6. Treasure House of England: Chatsworth (Purchase.)
  7. Treasures of the Trust (Available for purchase from the UK amazon site but not the U.S. one.)
  8. The Queen’s Castle (Available for purchase from the UK amazon store but not the U.S. one.)
  9. The Queen’s Palaces (Purchase.)
    1. Buckingham Palace (Watch.)
    2. Windsor Castle (Watch.)
    3. Palace of Holyroodhouse (Watch.)

  1. Britain’s Gentle Highway (Purchase.)
  2. The Great British Countryside (Purchase.)

  1. A Celebration of Chelsea Flower Show (Available for purchase through the UK amazon site, but not the U.S. one.)
  2. A Year at Kew (If you purchase them, be sure to get DVD’s in your region [the USA is Region 1, I believe, and the UK is Region 0?]; I hope to get copies in Region 1 someday soon!)
    1. Series 1 (Watch. It’s available for purchase on the UK amazon website, but not the US one.)
    2. Series 2 (Watch. It’s available for purchase on the UK amazon website, but not the U.S. one.)
    3. Series 3 (It’s available for purchase on the UK amazon website, but not the U.S. one.)
  3. Brilliant Gardens (Available for purchase from the UK amazon site, but not the U.S. one.)
  4. Stately Homes and Gardens (Available for purchase from the UK amazon site and not the U.S. one.)
  5. The Queen’s Garden (Available for purchase from the UK amazon store but not the U.S. one.)
  6. Treasure Gardens – The Gardens of the Treasure Houses of England (Available for purchase on the UK amazon website but not the U.S. one.)
  7. The Great Gardens of England Collection (Purchase.)

  1. Brighton Pavilion (Watch.)
  2. Chatsworth House (Watch.)
  3. Harewood House (Watch.)
  4. Holkham (Watch.)
  5. Scone Palace (Watch.)
  6. Shugborough Hall (Watch.)

Gardens: Edible, Ornamental, etc.
Gardens with Alys Fowler

With Alys Fowler.

  1. Peas and Beans (Watch.)
  2. Salads (Watch.)
  3. Roots and Leafy Greens (Watch.)
  4. Juicy Fruits (Watch.)
  5. Flowers and Herbs (Watch.)
  6. The Winter Larder (Watch.)

  1. How to Garden (Available for purchase on the UK amazon site but not the U.S. one.)
    1. How to Grow Vegetables (Available for purchase on the UK amazon site but not the U.S. one. Doesn’t have very high recommendations…)
    2. How to Grow Fruits (Available for purchase on the UK amazon site but not the U.S. one.)

  1. Back to Eden (Watch.)
  2. Beyond Backyard Sustainability (Watch.)
  3. Herb Gardening with Herbal Recipes and Remedies (Watch.)
  4. Intensive Urban Gardening (Watch.) [short]
  5. Lords of the Gourd (Growing Giant Pumpkins) (Watch.)
  6. Making an Heirloom Organic Vegetable Garden Start to Finish 2011 (Watch.)
  7. The Art of Gardening (Watch.)
  8. The Garden (PreviewRentPurchase.)

  1. Making a Beautiful Garden (Available for purchase on the UK amazon website but not the U.S. one.)
  2. The Geoff Hamilton BBC collection (Watch bits of it. Purchase. [U.S.] Purchase. [UK])
  3. Top Tips on Traditional Gardening Techniques (Available for purchase on the UK amazon website but not the U.S. one.)

GMO’s & Monsanto vs. Organic & Seed Sovereignty
Gmos and Monsanto vs Seed Soverignty

(Purchase.) Contains:

  1. Unnatural Selection
  2. Hidden Dangers in Kids’ Meals: Genetically Engineered Food
  3. You’re Eating What?

  1. A Silent Forest (Purchase.)
  2. Can GM Food Save the World? (Watch.)
  3. Genetically Modified Food: Panacea or Poison? (Watch. Purchase Here or Here.)
  4. GMO Seeds Destroyed in Belize (Watch.) [short]
  5. Islands at Risk: GMO’s in Hawaii (Watch.)
  6. Jimmy’s GM Food Fight (Watch.)
  7. Life Running Out of Control (Watch.)
  8. Monsanto: A Documentary on GMO’s (Watch.)
  9. Monsanto Evil (Watch.)
  10. Monsanto Food Wars: GMO Seeds and Animals (Watch.)
  11. Patent for a Pig: The Big Business of Genetics (Watch.)
  12. Poison on the Platter (Watch.)
  13. Scientists Under Attack (Purchase.)
  14. Seeds of Hope, Nā Kupu Mana’olana (Seeds and Agriculture in Hawaii) (PreviewPreview.) (Their Website… Does anyone know where we can purchase this? Please let us know!!!!!)
  15. Stop Monsanto from Poisoning Hawaii: Genetic Engineering Chemical Warfare (Watch.)
  16. The Corporation (Purchase.)
  17. The GMO Threat (With Jeffrey Smith) (Watch.)
  18. The World According to Monsanto (Watch.)
  19. War on Health (Watch.)

  1. How to Save the World: One Man, One Cow, One Planet (Purchase Here or Here.)
  2. Ingredients (RentPurchase.)

  1. Bad Seed: The Truth About our Food (Watch.  Purchase.)
  2. Our Seeds (PreviewWatchPurchase.)

Health & Weight Loss
Health and Weight Loss

  1. Diet: A Horizon Guide (Watch.)
  2. Chow Down (RentPurchase.)
  3. Poor Nutrition: A Weapon of Mass Destruction (Watch.)
  4. Planeat (PreviewRentPurchase.)
  5. Thrive: What on Earth Will it Take (Watch.)
  6. War on Health (Watch.)
  7. The Omnivore’s Dilemma (Lecture by Michael Pollan) (Watch.) (See also “Solution to the Omnivore’s Dilemma”, above, for the video.)
  8. The Wisdom and Science of Traditional Diets (Watch.)
  9. What Science Tells Us About How to Thrive (Watch.)

  1. Consequences (WatchPurchase [Currently free on Amazon at the time of this posting])
  2. Choices (Watch. Purchase [Currently free on Amazon at the time of this posting])
  3. Children in Crisis (WatchPurchase [Currently free on Amazon at the time of this posting])
  4. Challenges (WatchPurchase [Currently free on Amazon at the time of this posting])
  5. Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes (Purchase [Currently free on Amazon at the time of this posting])
  6. The Story About Low Carb Dieting (Watch.)
  7. The Story of the Atkins’ Diet (Watch.)
  8. Why are Thin People Not Fat? (Watch.)

  1. 10 Things You Need to Know about Losing Weight (Watch.)
  2. Fast Food Baby (Watch.)
  3. How to Be Slim (Watch.)
  4. Hungry for Change (WatchRentPurchase.)
  5. Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America’s Biggest Threat (RentWatch.)
  6. Obesity: Ten Things You Thought You Knew (Watch.)
  7. Prader-Willi Syndrome (Can’t Stop Eating Documentary) (Watch.)
  8. The Men Who Made Us Fat
    1. Episode 1 (Watch.)
    2. Episode 2 (Watch.)
    3. Episode 3 (Watch.)

Homesteading & Self-Sufficiency
Homesteading and Self Sufficiency

  1. An Experiment in Back Yard Sustainability (Watch.)
  2. Crystal Waters Ecovillage (Watch.)
  3. Grand Designs – Brittany Groundhouse (In Brittany, France) (Watch.)
  4. Non-Conventional Homes (Watch.)
  5. Off the Grid (Watch.) (One family. To be honest, we were disappointed with this one. It wasn’t for real. They wouldn’t have been able to truly do it if they hadn’t been being paid to make the video.)
  6. Off the Grid (At a community level) (Watch.)
  7. Off the Grid Documentary (2012) (Watch.)
  8. Off the Grid – Life on the Mesa (Watch.)
  9. Sustainable Eco Village in London, UK: Moneyless Living Off the Grid (Watch.)


(Purchase.) (Not necessarily a ‘gardening’ movie. But we learned a lot about climates, culture, foods, etc. from many different places around the world.)

  1. Episode 1: Oceans (Watch.)
  2. Episode 2: Deserts
  3. Episode 3: Arctic
  4. Episode 4: Jungles (Watch.)
  5. Episode 5: Mountains
  6. Episode 6: Grasslands
  7. Episode 7: Rivers (Watch.)
  8. Episode 8: Cities (Watch.)

  1. Dirt, the movie (RentPurchase.)
  2. Earthlings (WatchPurchase.)

Iain Stewart

Iain StewartA Scottish geologist, professor, broadcaster, and TV presenter.

(I couldn’t find any DVD’s available in the U.S. amazon store… they only had blu-rays. The DVD’s were only available for purchase on the UK amazon site.  We’ve seen all the Iain Stewart stuff we can find, and we love it all! 🙂 )

  1. Deep Earth (Watch [partial].)
  2. Wind (Watch.) (I couldn’t find it anywhere.)
  3. Water (Watch.)
  4. Fire (Watch.)
  5. Human Planet (Watch.)

(Purchase.) (These are in the region 2 format [UK].)

  1. Episode 1: Life from Light (Watch.)
  2. Episode 2: The Power of Flowers (Watch.)
  3. Episode 3: The Challenger (grasses) (Watch.)

  1. Episode 1: Rocks (Watch.)
  2. Episode 2: Architecture (Watch.)
  3. Episode 3: Art (Watch.)
  4. Episode 4: Beliefs (Watch.)
  5. Episode 5: Water (Watch.)
  6. Episode 6: Salt (Watch.)

  1. Episode 1: The Battle Begins (Watch.)
  2. Episode 2: Fighting Back (Watch.)
  3. Episode 3: New Challenges (Watch.)

  1. Volcanoes (Watch.)
  2. The Atmosphere (Watch.)
  3. Ice (Watch.)
  4. The Oceans (Watch.)
  5. Rare Earth (Earth and Space) (Watch.)

Joel Salatin
Joel Salatin

  1. Breaking the Supermarket Addiction (Watch.)
  2. Dr. Mercola Interviews Joel Salatin (Watch.)
  3. Joel Salatin on Forgiveness (Watch.)
  4. Joel Salatin speech at Central Carolina Community College (Watch. This is the first part. The other parts will automatically play in order.)
  5. Pathways to Relocalization (Watch. This is part one. The other parts will automatically play in order.)

  1. Part 1 (Watch.)
  2. Part 2 (Watch.)
  3. Part 3 (Watch.)
  4. Chickens at Polyface Farm (Watch.)
  5. Henhouse and Rabbits (Watch.)
  6. Pigs at Polyface Farm (Watch.)
  7. Turkey and Beef at Polyface Farm (Watch.)
  8. Water and Manure at Polyface Farm (Watch.)

Kate Humble
Kate Humble

  1. Lambing Live 2010: The Beavan Family Farm (Watch: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5.)
  2. Lambing Live 2011: The Marston Family Farm (Watch: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5.)
  3. Lambing Live 2012 (Not available on YouTube.)

(Watch the whole thing in one.)

  1. Episode 1: Oman, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia (Watch.)
  2. Episode 2: Saudi Arabia (Watch.)
  3. Episode 3: Egypt
  4. Episode 4: Israel (Jordan and Palestine) (Watch.)

(I loved this series!) (Purchase. [non U.S. format])

  1. Pepper and Cinnamon (Watch.)
  2. Nutmeg and Cloves (Watch.)
  3. Vanilla and Saffron (Watch.)

  1. Day 1 (Watch.)
  2. Day 2 (Watch.)
  3. Day 3 (Watch.)
  4. Day 4 (Watch.)

  1. Episode 1: Afghanistan (Watch.)
  2. Episode 2: Peru (Watch.)
  3. Episode 3: Australia

Medicine and Healing
Medicine and Healing

  1. Cancer: The Forbidden Cures (Watch.)
  2. Dying to Have Known (RentPurchase.) (about alternative cancer cures… a lot to do with herbs)

  1. Chow Down (RentPurchase.)

Monty Don
Monty Don

(If you purchase these DVD’s, be sure that they’re formatted for your region.) (Purchase the whole set on DVD) (If you find a set of DVD’s that are for sure in Region 1, PLEASE let us know!

  1. Mexico and Cuba (Watch on YouTube**)
  2. Australia and New Zealand (Watch on YouTube**)
  3. India (Watch on YouTube**)
  4. South America (Watch on YouTube**)
  5. United States of America (Watch on YouTube**)
  6. China and Japan (Watch on YouTube**)
  7. The Mediterranean (Watch on YouTube**)
  8. South Africa (Watch on YouTube**)
  9. Northern Europe (Watch on YouTube**)
  10. Southeast Asia (Watch on YouTube**)

  1. Potatoes, Carrots, Beetroots, & Parsnips (Watch.)
  2. Tomatoes and Onions (Watch.)
  3. Herbs (Watch.)
  4. Squashes (Watch.)
  5. Chard and Artichokes (Watch.)
  6. Apples, Damsons, and Pears (Watch.)

  1. Italian Gardens (Available for purchase on the UK amazon site but not the U.S. one. You can watch bits of it on YouTube.)

Nature Shows (also see Wildlife below)
Nature Shows

  1. Amazon (Watch.)
  2. Inside Planet Earth (Watch.)
  3. Know Your Mushrooms (WatchRentPurchase.)
  4. Nomads of the Rainforest (1984) (Watch.)
  5. The Secret Life of Ice (Watch.)
  6. The Secret World of the Plants (Watch.)
  7. Wild Russia: Secret Forests (Watch.)
  8. Wonders of the Galapagos (Watch.)

  1. Andes: The Dragon’s Back (Watch.)
  2. A Wolf Called Storm (Watch.)
  3. Birds of Paradise (Watch.)
  4. British Countryside (Watch.)
  5. Cassowaries (Watch.)
  6. Cuckoo (Watch.)
  7. Danger in Tiger Paradise (Watch.)
  8. Empire of the Desert Ants (Watch.)
  9. Giant Otters of the Amazon (Watch.)
  10. Iron Curtain, Ribbon of Life (Watch.)
  11. Kingdom of the Ice Bear (Watch.)
  12. Land of the Falling Lakes (Watch.)
  13. Leopards (Watch.)
  14. Madagascar Lemurs (Watch.)
  15. Pandas (Watch.)
  16. Polar Bears (Watch.)
  17. Queen of the Savannah (Watch.)
  18. Seychelles: Jewels of a Lost Continent (Watch.)
  19. The Elephant Emperor and Butterfly Tree (Watch.)
  20. The Falls of Iguacu (Watch.)
  21. The Lost Elephants of Timbuktu (Watch.)
  22. Tiger Island (Watch.)
  23. Wild Ireland (Watch.)
  24. Wild Women of Viramba (Monkeys… not humans) (Watch.)
  25. Zambezi River (Watch.)

  1. Episode 1 (Watch.)
  2. Episode 2 (Watch.)

  1. Season 1
    1. Episode 1 (Watch.)
    2. Episode 2 (Watch.)
    3. Episode 3 (Watch.)
    4. Episode 4 (Watch.)

  1. Fire (Watch.)
  2. Water (Watch.)
  3. Grass (Watch.)

Nutrition & Fitness
Nutrition and Fitness

  1. Big Sugar (Watch.)
  2. Children of the Corn Syrup (Watch.)
  3. Nutrition and Behavior: Apartame (Watch.)
  4. Sugar: The Bitter Truth (Watch.)
  5. Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World (about Aspartame) (WatchRentPurchase.)

  1. Supermarket Secrets (Watch.)
  2. The Future of Food (Preview. Purchase HERE or HERE.) (Explores the truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered food in our supermarkets today.)

  1. Eat, Fast, and Live Longer (with Michael Mosley) (Watch.)
  2. Engine to Kitchen Rescue (Purchase.)
  3. Extraordinary Humans: Muscles (Watch.)
  4. How to Live to 101 (Watch.)
  5. How to Stay Young and Beautiful (Watch.)
  6. The Science of Healthy Agin: Living Better, Not Just Longer (Watch.)
  7. The Truth About Exercise (Watch.)
  8. The Truth About Fat (Watch.)
  9. The Truth about Food: How to Stay Young and Beautiful (Watch.)
  10. The Truth About Vitamins (Watch.)
  11. Transforming Your Life with Raw Food (RentPurchase.)

Permaculture & Re-Greening

Permaculture and Regreening

  1. Global Gardener 1: In the Tropics (Watch.)
  2. Global Gardener 2: Dry Lands (Watch.)
  3. Global Gardener 3: Cool Climates (Watch.)
  4. Global Gardener 4: Urban (Watch.)
  5. In Grave Danger of Falling Food (Watch.)

  1. 7 Food Forests in 7 Minutes (Watch.)
  2. Desert Permaculture/Greening the Desert (Watch.)
  3. PRI Zaytuna Farm Tour (Apr/May 2012) (Watch.)
  4. Urban Permaculture with Geoff Lawton (1 1/2 hours) (Watch.)
  5. Urban Permaculture [short] (Watch.)

  1. Green Gold (Watch.)
  2. Perennial Paradise (Watch.)

  1. A Natural Builder Creates an Ecovillage (Watch.)
  2. A Sustainable Ecology – Masanobu Fukuoka (Watch.)
  3. Backyard Permaculture (Watch.)
  4. Bullock Brother’s Homestead – A 25 Year Permaculture Project (Watch.)
  5. Ecovillages and Permaculture (Watch.)
  6. From Bare Dirt to Abundance – A Year in the Life of Love for the Life Food Forest (Watch.) (Just get past the weird first 1 1/2 minutes… and it’s pretty good.) 🙂
  7. Fukuoka in Greece
    1. Part 1 (Watch.)
    2. Part 2 (Watch.)
    3. Part 3 (Watch.)
  8. Future Permaculture in Britain (Watch.)
  9. Hawaii Permaculture Gardening (Watch.)
  10. Interview with Kailash Murthy on Natural Farming (Watch.)
  11. Israel: Greening the Desert (Watch.)
  12. Natural Farming with Masanobu Fukuoka (Watch.)
  13. Permaculture and No-Till Gardening (Watch.)
  14. Permaculture: Forest Gardening, Edible Landscapes, and Urban Permaculture (Watch.)
  15. Permaculture in Practice 01 (Watch.)
  16. Permaculture in Practice 02 (Watch.)
  17. Permaculture Paradise at Val’s Garden (Watch.)
  18. Permaculture Trio (Watch.)
  19. Redesigning Civilization with Permaculture (Watch.)
  20. Seed Ball Story (Watch.)
  21. Suburban Permaculture (Watch.)
  22. Sustainable Living Through Permaculture (Watch.)
  23. The Case for Permaculture in the Midwest (Watch.)
  24. The Resilient Homestead and Farm – Principles in Practice (Watch.)
  25. The Synergistic Garden (Watch.)
  26. Urban Permaculture (Watch.)

  1. Ecovillages and Permaculture (Watch.)
  2. Permaculture: Keyline Water Systems
    1. Don Tipping at Seven Seeds Farm (Watch.)
    2. Tom Ward at Wolf Gulch Farm (Watch.)
  3. The Food Forest (Watch.)

The Kramaterhoff

  1. Aquaculture: Synergy of Land and Water (Watch.)
  2. Farming with Nature: A Case Study of Successful Temperate Permaculture (Watch.)
  3. Farming with Terraces (Watch.)
  4. Sepp Holzer’s Krameterfarm (Watch.)


  1. Farming with Nature (Watch.)
  2. Permaculture: Part 1 (Watch.) Part 2 (Watch.)
  3. The Agro Rebel (Watch.)
  4. The Kramaterhoff (with Josef Holzer, Sepp Holzer’s son) (Watch.)

River Cottage
River Cottage

  1. Series 1: Escape to River Cottage (Rent. Purchase Here or Here.)
  2. Series 2: Christmas at River Cottage (WatchRentPurchase.)
  3. Series 3: Return to River Cottage (WatchRent. Purchase Here or Here.)
  4. Series 4: River Cottage Forever (WatchRent. Purchase Here or Here.)
  5. Series 5: (Presumably: Tales from River Cottage [Highlights of the 4 previous series’])
  6. Series 6: Beyond River Cottage (WatchRent. Purchase Here or Here.)
  7. Series 7: The View from River Cottage (Highlights of previous series)
  8. Series 8: River Cottage Road Trip (Watch. Purchase Here or Here.)

  1. Series 9: The River Cottage Treatment (WatchPurchase.)
  2. Series 10: Gone Fishing (Watch. Purchase Here or Here.)
  3. Series 11: River Cottage 2008
    1. Spring (WatchPurchase.)
    2. Autumn (WatchPurchase.)
  4. Series 12: Christmas at River Cottage (Watch. ?)
  5. Series 13: River Cottage 2009
    1. Summer’s Here (Watch.)
    2. Winter’s on the Way (Watch.)
  6. Series 14: River Cottage Everyday (Watch.)
  7. Series 15: River Cottage Christmas Fayre (Watch.)
  8. Series 16: River Cottage Veg (Watch.)
  9. Series 17: River Cottage Veg Heroes (Watch.)
  10. Series 18: River Cottage Three Go Mad (Watch.)

  1. River Cottage Bites Series (Watch.)
  2. Pig in a Day (Watch.)
  3. A Cook on the Wild Side (Purchase Here or Here.)
  4. Hugh’s Fish Fight (Preview.)
  5. Chicken Out! (Preview. Their website.)


  1. Africanized Bees in Florida (Watch.)
  2. Alien Insect: Praying Mantis (Watch.)
  3. Ants: Nature’s Secret Power (Watch.)
  4. Habitat at Home – Beneficial Backyard Wildlife Habitats (Watch.)
  5. Everything You Have Ever Wanted to Know About Honeybees (Watch.)
  6. Lord of the Ants (WatchPurchase.)
  7. Planet Ant – Life Inside the Colony (Watch.)

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