Quick Natural Genetic Selection for Stronger Plants

We only needed one out of three of these cantaloupe seedlings, so we chose the strongest plants.

Selecting for superior genes (in a natural, NON-gmo way) has been and always will be essential to any type of gardening. As nature evolves, your plants’ enemies (disease, insects . . .) will also naturally select superior genes for survival. As gardeners, we want to be ahead of the evolution game as much as possible. Even if you buy well-bred, high-quality seed, there is still one small genetic test for superiority you can do at home by yourself.

When you plant your seeds, plant them two seeds to a spot instead of one. Wait and watch. The seed that germinates and starts to grow the quickest displays superior genetic vigor and vitality. When the other seed sprouts (if it comes up) use a tiny pair of scissors to nip off the top of it.  Don’t pull it out or you might risk disturbing the roots of the seedling you want to keep.

Seeds in general are fairly inexpensive so this simple genetic test, though it may seem expensive (losing half your seeds) is really not that costly. Seeds can often be purchased by the hundreds for only a few dollars. Running this simple little test helps you ‘naturally’ select only the best seeds (best genes) for your garden, which will help decrease many gardening woes later on in the season and possibly increase your production. It’s always easier when plants are genetically strong enough to fight and win their own battles without your help.

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