One of the Most Important Homesteader/Gardener Tools I Use

Homesteading and gardening takes time.  A lot of the things that other folks buy from normal ol’ supermarkets, we homesteaders choose to make for ourselves and our families.  Homesteaders also believe that quality is important, and thus we spend a lot more time growing and raising our own food, and making our own products. If you grow a garden, it’s probably because you’d rather have better nutrition and flavor.

All of that takes time.

This is truly, in my opinion, one of the most important tool a homesteader could have.

Books Should Be Free - audio books free to listen to in the public domain

A lot of work that homesteaders do requires the hands or the legs, but less so the brain.  I listen to books almost every minute that I’m not homeschooling.  I listen to books while I’m:

Cooking/Baking   〮Shucking corn   〮Cracking nuts   〮Doing laundry   〮Cleaning/Picking up   〮Doing the dishes   〮Making dinner   〮Taking a walk   〮Sewing/Mending   〮Traveling   〮Weeding/Gardening   〮Doing other homestead chores   〮Removing popcorn kernels from the cobs   〮Processing seeds I’ve collected   〮Processing herbs   〮Canning

How many of you are Downton Abbey fans?

Downton Abbey picture is owned by Downton Abbey and the text overlayed on the picture is my own words and in no way representative of Downton Abbey producers, directors, actors, owners, lawyers, writers, editors, script writers, gaffers, stunt doubles, costume makers….

I joined a friend for a girls’ night out watching Downton Abbey. I didn’t get what was going on since I hadn’t seen any of the previous episodes, but one thing I remember was that Violet, the Dowager Countess of Grantham made a reference to Dr. Manette. My friend didn’t know who Dr. Manette is, or what that quote was referencing. If you didn’t either, go read (listen to) A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. The reader for this book is fabulous.

We learn more about human nature, God, politics, history, etiquette, language, art, etc. from the thoughts of great thinkers, who more often than not wrote them down in novels or storified histories or biographies, than we do from lists of facts and textbook-type writing.

It was the way many of the “greats” of history were educated – by reading the works of great minds that came before them, thinking about what they read, and discussing it with others who’d read the same books.

Now, we have an even greater opportunity than ever before.  There are so many free books that are now in public domain due to their copyright expiration.  Combined with the amazing work of volunteers in making audio recordings, there are over 3000 audio books, fully downloadable in the public domain for FREE, that can educate us while we do the hours of work that homesteaders usually have to do.

It’s A-MA-ZING what you can learn with an ear bud in one ear (one ear open, just in case…) and a bunch of chores to do.

Books I’ve Listened To from

Jane Eyre   〮The Swiss Family Robinson   〮Treasure Island   〮Pride and Prejudice   〮Aesop’s Fables   〮A Tale of Two Cities   〮Oliver Twist   〮Great Expectations   〮Gulliver’s Travels   〮Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland   〮Ballet Shoes   〮North and South   〮Sense and Sensibility   〮The Wind in the Willows   〮War and Peace   〮Our Island Story

And I’m currently listening to The Last of the Mohicans.

And don’t forget about audio books from your local library.

Books from the library that I’ve listened to include:

Freakonomics   〮The Wreckers   〮A Great Improvisation   〮Franklin’s Autobiography   〮

And not forgetting

(non-affiliate link) I’ve gotten some good deals on there, on occasion. Usually when I buy a big batch of credits (every other year or so), and listened to a lot of books. Some of my favorites included:

Basic Economics   〮The Afghan Campaign  〮In The Plex: How Google Things, Works, and Shapes Our Lives 〮The War – An Intimate History  〮

What books have YOU listened to or read lately?












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  1. Paul August 8, 2016 at 1:43 am #

    What is the oldest book in continuous publication, and the most widely distributed and translated book in history? It reveals truth AND makes you think like no other book. In the same way that many films and modern books borrowed from the ‘classics’, so too most of the ‘classics’ (including Shakespeare) borrowed from this book. This book has usually been distributed as an act of charity because those who know it well also hope that everyone else will be able to read it. It is also available for free on the internet. It even provides many profoundly significant insights into managing a homestead and garden, including ancient ‘super’ food recommendations. Did you guess? It’s the Judeo-Christian Bible.


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