The Many Varieties of Organic Matter

There are so many different types of organic matter you can add to your garden. Basically, if it was alive at one point, it can be composted and added to the soil again. (We’ve known people to compost dead raccoons, human waste, etc… but let’s not go quite that far.)

So here’s a quick look at different types of organic matter. Each has a particular strength. Some have more nutrients, some add better bulk to the soil, some add nitrogen to the soil, and still others help to ‘clean’ your soil. Click below to read on!

  • Green Manure

  • Brown Manure

  • Green Composts

  • Organic Matter - Overview

  • Top 12 Gardening Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

  • Vermicompost and No-Till Gardening

  • The Ultimate Guide to Brown Composts

  • Peat Moss as a Source of Organic Matter

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