8 Things You MUST Know Before You Start Saving Your Seeds

Thinking about saving your own seeds? There are a few things you must know. It’s a dangerous business – seed saving can quickly turn from a happy hobby… into an obsession.

You ought to know that:

1. Your iPhone calendar will look different than your friends’ calendars, with entries like:

“10 weeks before 10-hour day” or “Time to plant 2nd corn variety.” (Of course they’ll be right next to the entry for “James turns 7 today!”).

And you’ll set alarms reminding you that “lettuce flowers will be open tomorrow morning!”

2. Your husband/wife will start to find…

…seeds from lemons, limes, and avocados in various containers all over the kitchen. And random wet paper towels containing exactly 10, 25, or 100 seeds.

3. You’ll learn more about genetics than you thought you ever would (or want to). 

And you might just annoy your husband/wife when you’re thinking out loud:

“This plant can cross with this one, but it won’t cross with this one, right? And if I cross these two together I create a hybrid that’s more vigorous but won’t produce good seed, so let’s see, so that means I need to grow 4 each of these three plants, and 7 of this one…”

4. You’ll kick yourself for not saving your own seeds sooner…

…when you start realizing just how much money you could have been saving every year by saving your own seeds instead of buying them.

5. Your kids will think that ‘standing guard’…

…means keeping bees away from the uncovered flowers while you hand-pollinate them all.

6. Your kids know which ones are their paintbrushes…

… and which ones are your seed-saving brushes, even though they might look exactly the same to other people.

7. Your husband/wife will find sketches of your garden plot in various configurations…

…on the kitchen table, in the bedroom, on top of the bookcase.

In fact, you’ll probably draw your garden to scale and keep a ‘master copy,’ so you can easily copy it any time you think of something else you want to change or add.

8. Your Christmas list to Santa Clause (*cough* amazon) will include…

Silica gel beads
Cotton draw-string bags
Blank seed-saving envelopes, and
Camel-hair brushes, various sizes

(all four are aff links)

In other words you’ll become a fully-fledged, crazy seed-saver, and you won’t know what hit you.

Just thought you ought to know. Not that I have any personal experience with any of this… 🙂

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  1. Sandra October 9, 2014 at 11:01 am #

    ha ha ha! Too true! 🙂

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